Tazzanera Coffee at Italian market

On December 16 at the Christmas market in the Italian Embassy ​​Tazzanera coffee became one of the high-quality Italian brands presented at the event.


New MacCoffee Aromio

We are happy to introduce new MacCoffee product - MacCoffee Aromio. Freeze dried coffee with the addition of ground coffee, which combined the convenience of brewing instant coffee in crystals with a delicate taste of exclusive natural coffee.


MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino wins Product of the Year 2018 National Award

On November 14 the annual Product of the Year 2018 National Award ceremony took place in Izvestia Hall (Moscow). The prize is awarded annually to the most popular FMCG products. Partners of the Award are the leading research companies.

12.09.2018 10:48:00

New Italian coffee Tazzanera in capsules

Redefining your  tastes' expectations,  Food Empire Holdings  presents  new  coffee Tazzanera in  capsules which are 100% made at the own factory  in Parma ( Italy ), with use of  the modern  innovative technology which guarantees the aroma and freshness of  natural roasted ground coffee, brewed in accordance with  Italian recipes.


City Days Novosibirsk, Novokuzentsk, Tomsk!

This summer MacCoffee provided the citizens of Novosibirsk, Novokuzentsk, Tomsk with happy moments and tasty Cappuccino di Torino. We integrated into the Siberians City Days where people could come together with their friends and families, make pictures, have fun, take part in quizzes and many other entertaining events and of course consume a cup of delicious Cappuccino di Torino. 

10.08.2018 11:12:00

India meets Italy in Moscow

MacCoffee took part in a big colorful festival of Indian culture in Moscow.


We go to the East!

"Kracks" took part in a large-scale colorful
Festival of Indian Culture, held in Moscow


MacCoffee Nirvana oasis in a hectic city

International Yoga day was held for the first time in Moscow Ostankino Park (VDNKH) with the hot support of MacCoffee.


Bright mood of a hot summer with Kracks!

From June to August, 2018, has been started a new marketing support for Kracks brand. The support takes place in the South region of Russia. Kracks appeared on billboards in the cities with the slogan "Do you want more? Kracks. The taste you can't refuse!" This time we have updated the advertising image. The brand sets a bright mood of a hot summer, best friends of which are the sea, the sun and, of course, crispy chips!


Sky Service 2018

Starting from the beginning of 2018 FES PRODUCT is the partner of several airlines catering services: Aeroflot, Utair, Russia. The beloved MacCoffee hot drinks, exquisite HILLWAY tea, and potato chips Kracks can be found in SkyShop of the aircrafts.


MacCoffe and Pyatnica tv channel gave away dream getaways to competition winners

MacCoffee in collaboration with Pyatnica tv channel are celebrating two happy occasions the release of MacCoffee Strong and the successful reboot of the Orel ili Reshka (Heads or Tails) tv-show with an exciting competition I want to go on a getaway! The gifts were impressive trips to one of the cities visited by the hosts of Head or Tails: Rebooted, and the competition was fierce. According to the rules two winners were to be chosen, and each could take a friend with them!


MacCoffee EuroHockey Tour 2018

MacCoffee extends it support to most popular sports in Russia as well as in all Europe. This year MacCoffee again is a sponsor of April Euro Hockey Tour at Karjala and Czech Games.


MacCoffee Cappucino di Torino at Boogel Woogel and GrelkaFest

In March and April 2018 at the most popular skiing resorts in Russia Rosa Khutor and Sheregesh there were held to mindblowing event BoogelWoogel and GrelkaFest. These are the skiing carnivals with the craziest and most outrageous fans and participants.


Holidays with MacCoffee Cappuccino di Torino

The most anticipated winter and spring holidays were met with new Cappuccino di Torino. The most popular bloggers were inspired by its tender and real taste and made several Instagram vines.


MacCoffee warms up and gives energy at Russias main skating rink at VDNH

Winter is the time for unforgettable parties, meeting friends and relatives, and of course for outdoor fun. For any case, MacCoffees flavorous drinks are there for you.


Meet the new juicy taste of the Grilled Steak!

Exquisite and delicate, nourishing and appetizing - the new Kracks Grilled Steak.


European Figure Skating Championship 2018 in Moscow

New year in 2018 started off with the most notable event in Moscow the European Figures Skating Championship. MacCoffee relentlessly gives hot support to skaters and fans of this spectacular event.


MacCoffee has become part of the reload of OREL&Reshka at Pyatnica TV

The 6-year story of the legendary travel show covers over 100 cities, numerous memories, emotions, and stories. Now, time has come to return to many of them, which have changed a lot in the last years.


MacCoffee brings the best Indian movies to Russia

MacCoffee is a many years partner to Bollywood Film Festival. Last year, the company provided general sponsorship to the event, celebrated in 21 locations in Russia. This time, we decided to go further and give our name to the festival: meet MacCoffee Bollywood Film Festival!